The art of candle making

The art of candle making

Wax and wick: the perfect match!

To provide you with products that meet the expectations of the lovers of delicate fragrances and impeccable products, we make certain that you benefit from the expertise of the most renown professionals, at each step in the fabrication process.

In keeping with French tradition and know-how, at every step, we apply the rules of every craft involved in the fabrication process: the work of the perfumer, the choice of 100% vegetable wax, the selection of cotton wicks, moreover, particular attention is given to the choice of glass and to the illustrations on the packaging.

We pay particular attention to the manufacturing process used for our scented candles. To fill your home with refined and original fragrances, our candlemaker ascertains that the wax and the wick are in perfect harmony.


We use 100% vegetable wax

Un Soir à l’Opéra candles are made by a master candlemaker according to French tradition and in compliance with the specifications of the world’s most renown brands.


Choosing right wick is an essential process in candlemaking because it is instrumental to good combustion. The wicks are woven entirely from cotton, without any lead wires. They are chosen and tested carefully to correspond to the scent, glass and wax that we use. To have your candle burn uniformly, we recommend that you let it burn until the entire surface is liquid when you first use it; and keep a clean wick, cut it before each use.